2020 ITA Annual Convention

Our annual three-day in-person event will be replaced by a weekly series of webinar presentations from industry leaders with valuable information for you and your company.  Virtually Together will kick-off Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00 p.m. and continue every Wednesday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. for the following 5 weeks. The sessions will conclude on June 10th.

May 6 – Operational and Customer Service Changes Due to Coronavirus and Thoughts about the Future of Service and Operations - Illinois Broadband Industry Leaders Panel Discussion
Jim Broemmer – CEO, Adams Fiber
Kim Harber – Senior Vice President, Madison Communications
Craig Hern – Vice-President of Operations, Harrisonville Telephone Company

May 13 – Connect Illinois Broadband Grant Program & Illinois Office of Broadband Initiatives
Matt Schmit – Director, Illinois Office of Broadband

May 20 – Federal Telecom & Broadband Policy Update
The Federal Telecom & Broadband Policy Update will cover the many twists and turns in Washington over the past few months, including how policymakers have attempted to respond to the COVID crisis and efforts by many federal agencies to stay focused as well “regular business.”  Key topics will include a recap of recent stimulus legislation, an overview of what can be expected from Congress moving forward, and activity at the FCC, USDA, and other agencies on programs ranging from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to ReConnect.
Mike Romano – Senior Vice-President of Industry Affairs and Business Development, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association

May 27 – Marketing Strategies for Now and Post-Pandemic
What are the right marketing strategies for COVID-19 recovery phase(s)? What are some things to be thinking about and planning as we hope for some sort of new normalcy to emerge? Pivot will present a series of marketing recommendations, allowing time for questions and discussion.
Monica Santi, Director of Marketing Services

Jenny Green, Digital Marketing Manager

June 3 – A Lender’s Perspective on the Pandemic’s Impact
A lender that specializes in providing financing to the rural telecommunications industry will offer its perspective on how the pandemic is impacting obtaining and maintaining financing now and into the future.
Robin Reed – Senior Vice President, Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative

June 10 – What Your Customers Don't Know
Cronin research has found telecom customers are generally unaware of any details of their broadband connection.  They just expect it to work.  Even though ISP invest heavily in communications and advertising, the consumer is not listening.  The session will present research results and how telcos can better position their products and services.
Tim Owens – President, Cronin



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