Bill: HB 337

Sponsor: Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst

Status: House Executive Committee

Position: Neutral

Description: Auto Dialer Act

House Bill 337 targets robocalls by amending the Illinois Automated Dialers Act to make it a separate violation to disguise caller ID information, commonly referred to as “spoofing.” The legislation also prohibits auto dialers from playing a recorded message without the prior written consent of the called party.


Bill: SB 1284

Sponsor: Sen. Dan McConchie

Status: Senate Assignments Committee

Position: Neutral

Description: Caller ID Spoofing

Senate Bill 1284 would make caller ID spoofing a Class B misdemeanor and repeat offenses of caller ID spoofing a Class A misdemeanor.  A person commits Caller ID spoofing when he or she knowingly causes any caller identification service to transmit misleading or inaccurate information with the intent to deceive, defraud, mislead, harass, cause emotional distress or wrongfully obtain anything of value.


Bill:SJR 18

Sponsor: Sen. Dave Syverson

Status: Senate Assignments Committee

Position: Support

Description: Illinois Automated Dialing & Solicitation Task Force

Senate Joint Resolution 18 creates the Automated Dialing & Solicitation Task Force to review the Telephone Solicitation Act and develop ideas to update the Act. The task force shall study:

  1. Penalties for violating the Do Not Call List
  2. Penalties for Call Spoofing
  3. New technology for preventing automated calls


The task force shall consist of four members of the General Assembly, one member of the governor’s office, two members from the Attorney General’s office, one member from the Illinois State Police, and five members from the telecommunications industry (one each appointed by the four leg. leaders and one by the Governor). The task force shall file its report with the General Assembly no later than Dec. 31, 2019 and be dissolved upon issuing the report.


Bill: HR 57

Sponsor: Rep. Margo McDermed

Status: House Rules Committee

Position: Support

Description: Robocalls

House Resolution 57 supports "all efforts by the federal government and the telecommunications industry to stop the abuse of our national telecommunications networks and the defrauding of our citizens by deceitful robocalls and scam callers."