2018 Jack Tharp Scholarship Recipients

"These three students have shown to be great assets not only to our program but to the telecom field in general.  I think they have a good future in the business and hopefully will stay within the state and keep the tradition alive.  I want to thank the ITA and its membership for once again supporting our Program.  This partnership is important to the students and us as instructors and hope to be able to repay the support in some way."

Jesse Allen
Lead Instructor- Telecommunications Technology Program
Lincoln Trail College

  • Payton HutchensPayton is a hard working student that has been working part-time jobs to help him  with his college expenses. Payton has a great work ethic and always gets his work done on time.
  • Christoper Duncan: Christopher is a model student. He is always willing to help when help is needed and is not scared to "take charge" when needed. Chis has had a rough upbringing with not a lot of family support, he is very grateful for the financial assistance this scholarship provides.
  • Jacob Brooks: Jacob is a non-traditional student in the program, as well as a singe father of a three year old. Jacob understands the importance of getting this degree to help provide for his young child.