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January 12, 2018



  Legislative Update

The General Assembly is not scheduled to be back in session until later this month, with the House of Representatives returning to Springfield January 23rd and the Senate returning January 30th. Governor Rauner will give his State of the State Address on January 31st. Schedules with key dates and deadlines can be found on the House and Senate calendars.

We will regular updates during the legislative session as bills affecting the telecommunications and broadband industry are introduced or scheduled for hearings.  You can also find summaries and the status of key bills on our website under the Advocacy page.


Legislators host panel discussion on 'Net Neutrality'

Three state representatives from Chicago held a panel discussion on the recent FCC Order, Restoring Internet Freedom. State Representatives Sara Feigenholtz, Kelly Cassidy and Ann Williams hosted a forum with speakers from the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, ACLU and Digital Privacy Alliance. Based on the discussion, it is likely that the legislators will be working with these groups to draft and introduce some form of net neutrality legislation this spring.

ICC Proceedings

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved orders adopting changes to two administrative rules for telecommunications carriers at its January 10th Regular Open Meeting. The updated rules were filed with the Secretary of State for publication in the Illinois Register and take effect today.

The Commission adopted amendments to 83 Ill. Adm. Code 737, Standards of Service and Customer Credits for Electing Providers and Competitive Non-Electing Providers, in Docket 17-0061 removing two reporting requirements from Section 737.430 as unnecessary: one in subsection (a)(3) for outages isolating mobile switching centers (MSC) from 9-1-1 service, and one in subsection (d) for certain outages resulting in the physical staffing of 9-1-1 call boxes. The Commission's Final Order includes an Appendix showing the changes made to Part 737.

The Commission also entered a Final Order in Docket 17-0062 repealing 83 Ill. Adm. Code Part 773, Presubscription. Part 773 requires each local exchange carrier to provide presubscription and to notify customers of their presubscription rights, and the Part contains other requirements related to presubscription. In December 2015 the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) entered an order granting local exchange carriers forbearance from the FCC's own presubscription rules. Presubscription requirements were established in the aftermath of the breakup of the Bell System, but the dramatic changes that have occurred in telephone service and in the long distance market since the requirements were originally imposed have considerably undermined, if they have not eliminated, the rationale for presubscription, as the FCC observed in its order. 

ISBE Schedules Two Classroom Connectivity Initiative Sessions

The Governor’s Office and the Illinois State Board of Education are inviting the internet service provider community to join EducationSuperHighway, a national non-profit organization focused on upgrading Internet access in K-12 public schools, for an informational session about helping schools seeking infrastructure and bandwidth upgrades:

Session 1: Tuesday, January 16
10:00am – 12:00pm
100 W. Randolph, James R. Thompson Center,
Back Conference Room, 16th Floor, Chicago

Session 2: Thursday, January 18
2:00pm – 4:00pm
100 N. First St., Illinois State Board of Education,
Board Conference Room, 4th floor, Springfield

For more information, please visit the ISBE Classroom Connectivity Initiative and EducationSuperHighway websites.

If interested, you must RSVP by Friday, January 12 (today) by:

a) completing this form, or
b) emailing Mary Reynolds at the State Board of Education, [email protected]

 Don't Forget to Review and Update Your Company's Profile for the ITA Printed Directory!

We notified the key contacts for each member company this week that we are preparing the 2018 Printed Membership Directory and are asking each company to verify or update the company’s contact information by January 31st.

The key contact person may update the company’s profile and contact information directly through the ITA website. To make updates to the company’s information or add the company’s logo, please log into the membership portal using the key contact’s email, select “my profile” --> “edit” --> (make the updates) --> “save”.


Please make sure all updates are completed by January 31st, so we have your correct information in the printed directory. Feel free to contact Angela with any questions you may have.


Several Companies have already taken advantage of the opportunity to advertise in the ITA's 2018 printed Directory, but there is still space available. We have consistently heard from our members how valuable a reference tool the physical ITA membership Directory has become to them. Many have told us they keep the directory nearby in their office or as they travel for easy access and reference. Directory ads help defer the cost of production and we appreciate your support. 

 Mailing Address Change

Reminder - Due to the reduced amount of mail received, the ITA has discontinued its PO Box address. You can send mail directly to our office at 312 S. 4th Street, Suite 100, Springfield, IL 62701. Please update your records if you are sending mail to the PO Box address. Thank You!

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