2019 General Session Presenters: 

Eric Keber – VP of Government Affairs, WTA – Advocates for Rural Broadband

Eric will address telecom policy from a federal perspective and let you know how the actions of Congress and the FCC will affect your business. 

Is Diversification the Answer to a Successful Future?

Jessica Richter & Jamie Becker, BKD                                            

As the telecommunications industry continues to evolve, what are companies doing to succeed and grow?  Is diversification the answer or are there other ways to create growth and add value to your business?  Join BKD's panel of trusted advisors to discuss what they have seen across the industry and share ideas of what has been successful that you may be able to take back to your company to help endeavor towards a successful future.   We will also discuss some key performance indicators that can be used to review financial and operational health and discuss the concept of contribution margin per customer.

Robocall/Spoofing Prevention (STIR/SHAKEN)

Dave Frigen, Chief Operating Officer- Wabash Communications Cooperative

This presentation highlights the industry work taking place to address the FCC’s leading cause of consumer complaint. It provides high-level insight into how unwanted robocalling and caller ID spoofing work and explains how new protocols will combat this fraud.  It will also touch on relevant Federal and state legislative and regulatory action.

Charting Your Company’s Path to 2025

Dave Lewis, VP of  Product Innovation - JSI                       

The FCC's December 2018 USF Order may have provided additional funds to the overall budget, but now is not the time for RLECS to become complacent!  While many companies have a strategic plan in place, most omit critical areas central to an integrated strategic/tactical roadmap. In eight short years we'll reach the A-CAM's final year, and the FCC will reevaluate competitive overlap in five years for RoR ILECs.  Have you defined the specific scope of customers, ARPU, and EBITDA margins necessary to offset your exposure to support loss?  Have you defined the level of capital required to underwrite your 2025 vision along with your capital capacity/sourcing?  Have you defined your desired strategic persona, and the technology platforms, staffing, and products necessary to deliver on your desired 2025 position?  This session will identify the essential elements of a comprehensive and actionable 2025 plan, along with the specific steps companies can take to engineer ongoing financial and strategic relevance.

Trust and Personality Typing: Strategies to Manage Conflict and Build Stronger Teams

Dave Butler, VP of Member Engagement - NeoNova                                               

Conflict is inevitable. Unhealthy conflict can halt productivity, damage relationships among team members, and lower morale among your employees. However, on teams with exceptional leadership, conflict can be a very healthy, productive, necessary event. Individuals have hardwired preferences for gathering information & making decisions. By understanding your team members better through tools like the Myers-Briggs personality evaluation, you can build trust among them and set the stage for healthy, productive conflict that moves your business forward. During this interactive presentation, NeoNova's Dave Butler will review strategies to help you better understand your team members and establish an environment of trust. At the end of this session, you will be equipped to become a better leader, maximizing beneficial task conflict while reducing harmful relationship conflict.

Winning USF Reform and Operational Strategies

Aaron Sedler, Partner – Moss Adams 

Moss Adams will provide an overview of the results of the A-CAM II elections, the rationale that carriers utilized in making their decisions, and a summary of the current state of Universal Service Funding by type.  This session will then hone in on broadband strategies that will make both model-based and Legacy RoR carriers more successful.  We will focus on practical strategies that companies can implement to create additional revenues and/or generate operational efficiencies.