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February 2, 2018


 Legislative Update

2018 Legislative Session Gets Underway - Governor Rauner Gives State of the State 

The General Assembly returned to Springfield this week to begin the 2018 spring session. Schedules with key dates and deadlines for the spring session can be found on the House and Senate calendars. Today is the deadline to submit requests for legislation to the Legislative Reference Bureau and the bill introduction deadline is February 16. 

The General Assembly did not act on many bills this week, but memebrs did introduce a number of new bills. You can find the summaries and the status of bills the ITA is tracking on our website. Here are a few bills that were introduced recently or that we are keeping an eye on:

SR 1117 (Hastings) Protect Net Neutrality - Senate Resolution 1117 supports principles of the FCC Open Internet Order and urges the President of the United States and Congress to continue to protect net neutrality and open Internet access.

SR 1196 (T. Cullerton) Support Net Neutrality - Senate Resolution 1196 urges the United States Congress and President Trump's administration to advocate for the permanent adoption of net neutrality rules that keep the Internet free and open.

HB 4081 (Halpin) Call Center Worker & Consumer Protection Act - House Bill 4081 requires any business employing 50 or more persons in customer service or back-office operations (or 50 or more employees who in the aggregate work at least 1500 hours/week) that intends to relocate a call center to another state or foreign country would have to notify the State Treasurer 120 days prior to the relocation. A violation is subject to a civil penalty up to $10,000/each day of such violation. The State Treasurer shall compile a semiannual list of all employers that relocate a call center from Illinois to another state or foreign country and post list on its website June 30 each year. An employer that appears on the list:

  • is ineligible for any state grants or state guaranteed loans for 5 years
  • shall remit the unamortized value of any grant, guaranteed loans, tax benefits or any other government support it previously received to the State Treasure

State agencies must ensure all state-business-related call center and customer service work be performed by state contractors or their agents or subcontractors entirely within the state. State contractors who currently preform such work outside the state have 2 years from the effective date of the laws to comply, but any new customer service employees hired must immediately be employed within the state. The ITA Opposes this legislation.

SB 1021 (Connelly) Geolocation Privacy Protection Act - Senate Floor Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1021 creates the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act. It would prevent a private entity from collecting, using, storing or disclosing geolocation information from a location-based application unless the entity first receives the person’s affirmative express consent after providing clear, prominent, and accurate notice, informs the person in writing of the specific purposes for which his or her geolocation information will be collected, used or disclosed, and provides the person a hyperlink or comparably easily accessible means to access the information. Internet, wireless and telecommunications service providers are exempted from the provisions of the legislation.

HB 4330 (Yingling) Biometric Information Privacy Act - House Bill 4330 is a reintroduction of HB 2411 from 2017. The legislation restricts a private entity from requiring a customer to provide his or her biometric identifier or biometric information as a condition for the provision of goods or services except to the extend necessary for an employer to conduct background checks or implement employee security protocols. Does not apply to companies that provide medical services, law enforcement agencies or governmental entities. The ITA Opposes this legislation.

HB 4367 (B. Wheeler) Data Breach - Personal Information Protection Act - House Bill 4367 provides that a private entity data collector that owns or licenses personal information concerning an Illinois resident must notify the resident of any security breach of the system data within 14 days after discovery of the breach (currently must notify the resident in the most expedient time possible and without delay).

HB 4437 (Chapa LaVia) Telecom Tax for Municipal Right-of-Ways - House Bill 4437 is a reintroduction of HB 2819 from 2017. The legislation is an initiative of the Illinois Municipal League. It provides that the existing prohibition on franchise fees does not prohibit a municipality from requiring telecommunications carriers to pay a reasonable application fee to gain access to the public right-of-way. The ITA Opposes this legislation.


Governor Rauner gave his State of the State Address on Wednesday, January 31. You can find a press release on the speech and a transcript of the speech on the Governor's website. Rauner called for bipartisan cooperation to improve the Illinois economy and he cited accomplishments such as education funding reform and criminal justice reform. Rauner pledged to address sexual harassment in state government and the Legionnaire's disease outbreak at the Quincy veterans home. Rauner again called for property tax relief and term limits for Illinois elected officials. Here are a few articles and editorials on Rauner's State of the State:

Rauner tries to reframe with economic message, opponents say he's rewriting history (Chicago Tribune)

Editorial: The 2018 imperative: How to save Illinois (Chicago Tribune)

Rauner: Let’s cooperate; Madigan says gov blames others (State Journal-Register)

Our View: Can same notes in State of the State lead to new tune? (State Journal-Register)

State of the State: Gov. Rauner urges unity ahead of divisive election (The Southern Illinoisan)

Opinion | Voice of The Southern: Governor needs to answer questions with budget  

 FCC Takes Final Steps to Launch CAF II Auction

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Public Notice January 30 to schedule the $2 billion Connect America Fund Phase II auction to begin July 24. The CAF II auction aims to award funding to bring broadband to unserved areas of 20 states. Funding will be awarded for areas where an incumbent price cap carrier declined to deploy service at the level of funding offered by the FCC and will be awarded to network operators who offer to deliver service at the lowest level of CAF support.

$2 Billion CAF II auction plans set, Pai pleads for participation from providers of all types (telecompetitor)

FCC moves one step closer to CAF II auction (US Telecom)

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