Dennis K. Muncy

Dennis K. Muncy began his legal career at the Meyer Capel law firm as a law clerk in 1965 while he was attending the College of Law at the University of Illinois.  He became an associate of the firm in 1967 and was named a partner in 1969.  He has practiced at Meyer Capel his entire career.

His work in the field of telecommunications law and regulation began with his representation of four Illinois independent landline telephone companies owned by the family of one of his law partners.   From that start he quickly developed additional clients in Illinois.   Shortly thereafter, Dennis became involved with representing paging and answering services, not only in Illinois but also in neighboring states. As a result of that work, he became counsel for a national association of telephone answering services and served in that role for a number of years, while continuing to represent his telephone company clients.

He handled litigation in 38 states and the District of Columbia and testified before committees of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission concerning telecommunications issues. Dennis was involved in the various “rewrites” of the Telecommunications Article of the Illinois Public Utilities Act. Dennis was instrumental in helping to craft the regulatory treatment of the wireless telephone industry, litigating many of the issues related to the provision of wireless services in Illinois and elsewhere.

In addition to representing telecommunications clients in regulatory and other matters, Dennis has negotiated numerous sales, acquisitions and mergers of telecommunication properties, including necessary regulatory approvals. He has delivered numerous speeches and provided instruction on telecommunications issues to both clients and other counsel.

As his answering service clients were acquired by paging carriers and his paging carriers were acquired by cellular telephone companies, each of the selling companies made sure to tell their much‑larger buyers to “keep this regulatory guy.” It was through this reputation for diligence that Dennis ended up representing then‑Cellular One – operated at the time by Southwestern Bell and a predecessor to Cingular and AT&T Mobility – and negotiating the very first interconnection agreement in the nation filed under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Throughout the ‘90s and early into the ‘00s, Dennis represented Cellular One/Cingular in a series of area code assignments in the Chicago metropolitan area.

It was through that relationship with Southwestern Bell Wireless that, in 1998, Dennis was retained by SBC as lead counsel to handle the critical and successful Illinois regulatory approval of the SBC-Ameritech merger, one of the building blocks to the current AT&T.  He has been recognized and honored by state, national and international publications.

Along with his work in the wireless industry, Dennis was instrumental in helping to organize the many rural local exchange carriers in Illinois into the Illinois Independent Telephone Association, more recently known as the Illinois Rural Broadband Association. As counsel to the IITA, Dennis helped develop a regulatory response for the small companies to the early break‑up of the Bell companies, the advent of competitive long distance and local telephone competition, interconnection agreements and the establishment of a state universal service fund that is one of the most successful state models in the nation in keeping rural communications networks strong and healthy.

Dennis takes pride in the efforts and ability of his “small clients” to become meaningful participants in the development of telecommunications policy in Illinois and elsewhere.

Dennis received a bachelor of science in business in 1964 from Northwestern University and a juris doctorate in 1967 from the University of Illinois. He was on the dean's list in law school and participated in an honors program at Northwestern University's business school during his junior and senior years there. He is a native of Taylorville, Illinois.

Dennis served as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois representing the Pollution Control Board in the early 1970’s. He is a member of the Illinois State and Champaign County Bar Associations and has served on the Public Utilities Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association.