What You'll Receive

  • Opportunities to participate with other companies to assist in the creation and revision of rules and laws impacting the industry.
  • Access to extensive resource materials and individuals with hands-on experience in the telecommunications field.
  • Education and training opportunities for you and your employees
  • Legislative Bulletins: During the legislative sessions, members will receive notices about important legislation pending before the Illinois General Assembly and a synopsis of its potential impact on the telecommunications industry.
  • Members will receive the TELESTATE, a periodic newsletter updating them on issues, articles, legislation, regulatory proceedings and other items of interest in the telecommunications industry.

Three Categories of Membership with Voting Rights

Category I

Incumbent local exchange carriers operating in Illinois on or before January 1, 1986.

Category II

Telecommunications companies operating in Illinois which have a Certificate of Service from the Illinois Commerce Commission and engaged in:

  • Interexchange carrier services
  • Local exchange service (if ineligible in Category 1)
  • Cellular
  • Radio common carrier
  • Personal communications services
  • Competitive access providers
  • Radio paging
  • Cable television also providing telecommunications
  • Resellers of telecommunications services.

Category III

Companies whose principle business is to:

  • Manufacture or sell telecommunications related supplies or services
  • To publish telecommunications industry trade papers or telephone directories
  • To act as consultant to the industry

Become a Category III Member

To become a Category III (vendor) member of the Illinois Telecommunications Association, complete the following online form and submit or print the word document or PDF and send to: ita@il-ita.com.  Dues are $325 for the calendar year.

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Above applicant applies for Category III Membership in the Illinois Telecommunications Association, Inc., and hereby agrees to pay the annual assessment as fixed by the Board of Directors for each calendar year.

Annual dues are $325

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