How the Organization Operates

The Illinois Telecommunications Association (ITA) and its professional staff serve at the direction of the corporation's Board of Directors and are guided by it's standing and special committees. There are also a number of ad hoc committees created to address special, one-time issues. As new members join the Association, additional committees will be formed to serve our diverse membership.

Association Board of Directors



Deno Perdiou

Vice Chairman/Assistant Treasurer

Karen Boswell
Frontier Communications


Randy Nehrt
Illinois Telecommunications Association


Lee Whitcher
Harrisonville Telephone Company

Association Staff

Randy Nehrt

Joyce Ludwig
Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Karen Boswell
Frontier Communications 

James W. Broemmer Jr.
Adams Telephone Co-Operative 

Lorenzo Cruz

Ann Dickerson
Metamora Telephone Company 

Craig Freeman

Mike Grisham
Shawnee Telephone Company

Kevin Jacobsen
Egyptian Telephone Cooperative Association



Kevin C. Kloehn 
Vantage Point Solutions

Michael A. McDermott
Verizon Wireless 

Deno Perdiou

Eric Schmidt
Home Telephone Company

Len Schwartz
Madison Telephone Company

Michael Shultz
Consolidated Communications, Inc. 

Lee Whitcher
Harrisonville Telephone Co. 


Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee shall, as a representative of the Board, manage the affairs of the Corporation in the interim between meetings of the Board.

  • Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee has the function of nominating persons for the office of Director.

  • Budget Committee The Budget Committee has the function of developing and recommending to the Board of Directors the annual budget of the corporation.

Special Committees

  • Technology Committee

    The Technology Committee keeps members abreast of current issues and technological innovations, as well as assists in the development of technical training programs for the membership.

  • 9-1-1 Emergency Services Committee

    Represents the industry before the Commission on 9-1-1 matters, coordinates 9-1-1 provisioning in counties with multiple providers and recommends to the ITA certain regulatory and legislative changes to existing rules and laws.

  • Human Resources Development Committee

    The Human Resources Development Committee of the ITA assists the Association in promoting a positive image of the telecommunications industry and works to develop informational pieces on consumer awareness and protection. The Committee works with the Illinois Commerce Commission on an ad hoc basis on issues of customer service and consumer education. The Committee meets at the call of the Chair.

  • Right-of-Way Committee

    Provides insight and guidance to the ITA staff on legislative and regulatory changes to the laws and rules governing right-of-way issues.

  • Small Company Committee

    Recommends topics for various forums involving the small telecommunications carriers of the ITA.

  • Regulatory Issues Committee

    Provides a forum for telecommunications providers to come together that have different economic and philosophical interests to share with one another their concerns and in some, but not all instances, resolve differences.

  • Wireless Committee

    The Wireless Committee brings together representatives of wireless companies to discuss matters of importance like the implementation of the 9-1-1 wireless statute.

  • Legislative Committee

    The committee is convened, when necessary, to coordinate the Association's efforts before the Illinois Legislature. In most instances, the Board of Directors takes on this responsibility during the legislative sessions.

  • Accounting and Tax Committee

    This committee represents, when necessary, the industry in Illinois Commerce Commission proceedings which involve accounting or record keeping.